Easter island archaeology
March 01, 2010, 17:31
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Easter Island, also known as Rapanui and Isla de Pascua, is a tiny dot of volcanic matter in the South Pacific Ocean, currently owned by Chile. Its story is a microcosm for the. Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Moai, travel, tours, South travel, information, island's history, Easter Island, Polynesia, Pacific, Heyerdahl, Moai, Isla de Pascua,Archaeology. HISTORY / Oceania Oceania Social Science / Archaeology Antiquities Easter Island History i.e., each book must be in subject 1 AND subject 2 AND. Easter Island -Archeology, Ecology, and Culture by Jo Anne Van Tilburg. This is currently the best book out to learn about what today's archeologists believe about the. Reports of the Norwegian Archeological Expedition to Easter Island and the East Pacific. (With co-editor: E.N. Ferdon, Jr.). Vol. I: Archeology of Easter Island. Easter Island - also called Rapa Nui - is a small Polynesian Island in the southeastern in London Bloggers' Challenge 5: The Future of Tourism; Top 10: Most Important Archaeology.

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