Lug nut lock
August 27, 2009, 00:36
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Provides gentle seating for aluminum wheels Using a special-alloy iron, a three-layer chrome plating process is performed on the main part of the lug nuts. Tuner Lug Nuts - 50 results like the Gorilla Automotive Small-Diameter Lug Nut Sets Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Tuner Lugs Lug Nuts/nut Wheel Locks/lock 12x1.25 Nissan, Tuner Lugs. Genuine Porsche wheel locks for cars with lug nuts. Chrome finish. Set of four with key.. Porsche lug nut, anodized black Black anodized aluminum lug nut for Porsche alloy. Rays Engineering Lug Nut Set 12x1.5 w/ 4 Locks + 16 Lugs Blue $137.97: Rays Engineering Lug Nut Set 12x1.5 w/ 4 Locks + 16 Lugs Red $137.97: Rays Engineering Lug Nuts Extended Anodized. Gorilla Automotive 71733 Acorn Chrome Lug Nut and Lock System (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size): Automotive
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